Floorball Torwart - The Ultimate Guide for Goalkeepers

Dec 19, 2023


As a passionate floorball enthusiast, you understand the critical role that goalkeepers, or floorball torwarts play in this exciting sport. Protecting the goal with lightning-fast reflexes and remarkable agility, goalies are the backbone of any successful floorball team. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential aspects of being a top-notch floorball goalkeeper.

Chapter 1: Equipment for Goalkeepers

Quality equipment is the foundation for any goalkeeper's success. When it comes to shoe stores, sports wear, and accessories for floorball torwarts, one name stands out: UniHockey Center. Their online store, available at unihockeycenter.ch, offers a wide range of high-quality floorball gear specifically designed to meet the needs of goalkeepers.

1.1 Choosing the Right Shoes

Footwork is crucial for goalkeepers, and selecting the appropriate shoes is essential for optimal performance. UniHockey Center offers a diverse selection of floorball shoes with enhanced grip, excellent stability, and maximum comfort. Their experienced staff can help you find the perfect pair for your playing style.

1.2 Sports Wear for Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers need specialized sports wear to ensure maximum protection and flexibility. UniHockey Center's range of floorball-specific goalkeeper jerseys and trousers are designed to provide unrestricted movement while also offering durability and breathability.

1.3 Essential Accessories

Completing your goalkeeper ensemble requires a few essential accessories. From knee and elbow pads to protective helmets and gloves, UniHockey Center has you covered. Their extensive selection of high-quality equipment ensures that you can focus on your game without compromising safety.

Chapter 2: Techniques for Goalkeepers

Having the right equipment is only part of the equation. To become a standout floorball torwart, you must master a variety of techniques:

2.1 Positioning

Positioning is key for goalkeepers as it allows them to cover the goal effectively. By analyzing the opponents' movements and maintaining an optimal stance, floorball torwarts can increase their chances of making successful saves. We'll delve into this topic in detail, providing valuable tips and strategies to fine-tune your positioning skills.

2.2 Reflexes and Reaction Speed

In the fast-paced game of floorball, goalkeepers must possess lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable reaction speed. From reactive saves to split-second decisions, we'll explore various drills and exercises that can help you sharpen your reflexes and improve your reaction time.

2.3 Ball Control and Distribution

A skilled floorball torwart doesn't just make saves but is also adept at controlling and distributing the ball effectively. We'll discuss proper ball handling techniques, including passing, throwing, and clearing, to ensure you can contribute to your team's attack while maintaining defensive stability.

Chapter 3: Training and Fitness

To excel as a goalkeeper, it is crucial to maintain peak physical fitness and engage in targeted training exercises. We'll cover various aspects of goalkeeper training:

3.1 Strength and Conditioning

Enhancing your overall strength and conditioning is vital for goalkeepers. Our guide will outline specific exercises that focus on developing core strength, explosive power, and endurance, helping you stay agile and perform at your best throughout the game.

3.2 Reaction Drills

Incorporating reaction drills into your training routine can significantly enhance your reflexes and speed. We'll provide a range of drills designed to push your limits and improve your ability to react quickly to shots and unpredictable game situations.

3.3 Mental Preparation

Goalkeeping requires not just physical prowess but also mental resilience. Our comprehensive guide will help you develop mental techniques to stay focused, calm, and confident during high-pressure moments, enabling you to make split-second decisions with clarity.


Being a successful floorball torwart is a demanding but incredibly rewarding journey. By investing in top-quality equipment from UniHockey Center and honing your techniques through focused training, you can elevate your game to new heights. Remember, becoming an exceptional goalkeeper takes dedication, practice, and a love for the sport. Best of luck on your path to goalkeeping greatness!